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Our Story

Relax + Restore Loungewear is still present but, with a fresh new logo and a stronger desire to reintroduce my brand again. The idea to create my business was born in 2020 but, it wasn't until 2021 that I had decided to launch it. My business was inspired by mental health due to my own struggles with anxiety and from that I launched my first collection in dedication to it. This brand was also built on faith as I always reference to my own personal struggles with my spiritual journey and have opened the conversation on here to speak on both of these topics as it is universal and we all have our own stories and paths. What I hope to accomplish with this new rebrand is to reintroduce my business to you all for what I originally intended it to be. I want to continue spreading awareness for mental health and other organizations of interest where donations can begin to happen again to help the community but, also with the hope to bring you all closer to God through my brand purpose.